Pro News Administration

Administration of Pending Articles

Selecting Category to Approve Pending Articles
Selecting Category to Approve Pending Articles

If the Adminsitration Waiting Content block indicates that there are Pending Pro_news Articles waiting for approval, go to Administration > Pro_News > Articles.

When asked to select a Catgeory, open the pull-down, and select a Category. If there are articles awaiting approval in any Section/Category you will see an * after the Category name in the pull-down, following by a number (in [ ]) denoting the number of pending Articles in that Category.

For each Article needing approval, you can view the Article by clicking on its name link, or edit it via the Edit link, before clicking on the Approve box to approve it.

If you wish to delete the article instead, check the box to the left of the Article, and then click Delete at bottom of screen to delete all so marked articles in one step. You will be asked to confirm the delete request.




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